Turner Residential

Debby Reynold’s new listing at 5800 Link Avenue Austin, Texas 78752 MLS #4144687 is so cute you’ll want to pinch it’s cheeks.  If houses had cheeks.  Open House Sunday 6/12 12-2pm.  More >>

Read the list of improvements for 5712 Wellington Dr. Austin, Texas 78723 MLS# 7866592 and get ready to be happy in this kick ass University Hills remodel. More >>

Check in and check out the modern living space @ 508 E. 53rd #203 Austin, TX 78751 MLS# 8008019 on Sunday, June 6, 2011. More >>

#9 is the first home to go under contract to be custom built at Barton Skyline. More >>

Keep a tight grip on your iphone while checking in at 508 E. 53rd #203 Austin, TX 78751 MLS# 8008019 More >>

This updated home in one of South Austin’s finest neighborhoods is under contract. 2505 Cedarview Dr. Austin, Texas 78731 MLS#5335363 More >>

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