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Certificates issued by taxing authorities showing the current year’s taxes, the last year the taxes were paid, and any delinquencies to be collected from seller at closing

Property tax adjustments between buyer and seller based on closing date. The buyer will be credited for the time that the seller lived in the property and the seller charged for that time. When the tax bill comes due at the end of the year, the buyer is responsible for the bill for that year.

A company that specializes in examining and insuring titles to real estate.

Title Insurance policies typically insure a homebuyer against any title-search errors or mistakes and against loss due to disputes over property ownership. Title Insurance can additionally offer protection to the lender under similar circumstances. The cost of title insurance is usually a set value per thousand of dollars of the total loan amount.

A check of the title records to make sure that the seller is the actual legal owner of the property, and that there are no liens or other claims outstanding.

One of several types of single-family homes, usually with two or more stories joined by common walls. It offers less privacy than a single-family detached home but still provides a separate outdoor space.

In 1983 the Austin City Council adopted one of the most progressive Tree Ordinances in the country. The Tree and Natural Area Protection Code is based on the fundamental precepts of sound urban forest management; diversification, preservation, and replenishment. City requirements are designed to achieve a balance of re-forestation and preservation, frequently emphasizing one of the two elements to achieve the best long-term benefit for the community. For information on the City of Austin’s tree regulations, see the http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/trees/preserve_code.htm

Provision that requires lenders to reveal the actual costs of borrowing.

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