Testimonials for Brandi Wyman

“Brandi went above and beyond to find us the right house. After having a disappointing experience with a previous agent we were once bitten/twice shy but Brandi’s professionalism, courtesy, punctuality and sincere interest in what we wanted turned the entire home buying experience around for us! We found our dream house and Brandi made the entire experience smooth and successful. Thank you, Brandi! You will always be our agent in Austin and we highly recommend you!”-Wanda and Lori Moore

“My wife and I were first-time homebuyers and contrary to everything that we had heard and read about the arduous home buying process, it was a breeze with Brandi at our side. She walked us through every detail of the entire process and at the same time, was very patient with the constant barrage of questions we kept throwing at her. To say the thing I like the most is that Brandi never once tried to push us into buying a particular house – and we really appreciated that. She was great at helping us negotiate prices and post-inspection details with the seller, and most importantly, hooking us up with all the right folks from pest control to air-conditioning and such. Anyone out there looking to buy a house? – we highly recommend Brandi Weber.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the whole experience.”
– Vijay and Reetu

“Anyone needing the services of a real estate agent cannot go wrong with the services of Brandi Weber. She worked tirelessly for me and my family and provided nothing short of excellent service. We plan on using her services in the future.” -Omar Wattari

“When attempting the daunting task that is buying one’s first home, you want both a friend and a seasoned real estate agent on hand. Luckily for me, Brandi Weber was able to fill both of those roles. She made the house-hunting process enjoyable, was very helpful pointing out possible issues with the homes we saw and made the paperwork end of things as painless as possible. Her charm, wit, enthusiasm and market savvy are undeniable. She’s the best. ” -Whit W.

“I came to Brandi in refuge from another Realtor whom things just weren’t working out with, and working with her proved to be a huge contrast. Most importantly, she had expert knowledge of my neighborhoods of interest, south-central and east Austin. Brandi was able to show me a great variety of properties within my spectrum of interest, yet simultaneously did an awesome job of screening things wouldn’t appeal to me. Her knowledge of the real estate market in Austin, combined with her ability to hone in on exactly what a client is looking for, make her an extremely successful ally in a house hunt. So much so that I plan to use her again in the future, despite having numerous friends in the business.” -Michelle M.

“It is a daunting project to buy a house half way across the country and even more so when there are issues to face after the purchase. From the moment we began to work with Brandi Weber my anxiety began to ease. She is smart and professional and well connected in Austin, giving us a pleasant house shopping experience and a confident buying experience. Even more comforting, she has followed up with some unforeseen problems after we bought the house, making good use of her office network. We consider Brandi to be a friend and primary contact in Austin and look forward to working with her again.” –Peter and Marguerite C.

“We had the best experience shopping for homes with Brandi. She was so patient and helpful and new all the right questions to ask us. Not to mention super fun to hang out with, so that helped! 🙂 We honestly couldn’t have done it without her and wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else! :)” -K.C. and Michelle W.

“BRANDI WEBER ROCKS AS A REAL ESTATE AGENT AND A HUMAN BEING. I have had the pleasure of working with Brandi on several purchases and sales and her advice is always dead on. She is always professional, but with a bit of flair that is very appealing. She is well informed about the real estate market and her attention to detail is the stuff legends are made from. I feel that Brandi has my welfare first and foremost in every business deal where she has represented me.” -Leslie B.

“Brandi Weber is one of the most professional, detail-oriented real estate agents we have ever had the pleasure of working with. We have a small investment company and we purchase and sell 2 to 3 homes annually, so over the years we have worked with a number of agents and I do know what I am talking about. I have recommended Brandi to friends and colleagues, she will give you clear, concise advice and represent your best interests always.” -Leslie and Ted B.

“In selling our home, Brandi was on top of every detail, was thoroughly knowledgeable and was always available. We started off with a real estate agent and ended up with a friend. And yes, we made some money in the process.” -Jenny T. and Gregory C.

“Shopping for and buying a new house, selling the old one, stressed me beyond words. Brandi lightened the experience with her lively personality, her caring attitude, her polished professionalism and her keen expertise. When, in the middle of this process, my mother died, Brandi was as supportive as a dear friend might have been. I looked forward to our scouting outings because I enjoyed Brandi’s company so much and the repartee we developed from the get go — we discovered a mutual interest in music and literature, as well as a similar sense of humor. While I hope I don’t have to change homes again for another 20 years or so, if I do, Brandi will be the first person I call. In the meantime, I recommended her to everyone I know who might be house shopping in the future.” – Alyce G.

“Brandi Weber came to our rescue 2 years ago when we were about to move from England, bringing 4 dogs, requiring a large house with land, suitable walking areas for the canines, and within 15 minutes of downtown. She worked tirelessly to find the perfect home for us, even walking the area to make sure that the dogs would be happy. She was always contactable, unfailingly helpful, supremely professional in her approach to the technicalities, and we always felt that our happiness was foremost in her approach to finding the right home for us. Her knowledge of current market trends, contacts in the world of real estate, expert eye when evaluating a property, and general “savvy” have been invaluable in helping us to make the right decision when buying a home in Austin. Her sense of humour has averted many a stressful moment and guided us to the right outcome when making what is probably one of the most stressful and important decision in life”-Mary and Cullen W.

“Brandi was an excellent realtor! As first time home buyers, my husband and I knew nothing about the process. Brandi is incredibly knowledgeable and walked us through every step with great patience. We knew she was always on our side. She gave great advice but also gave us space to make our own decisions. Even after seeing house after house after house, we never felt rushed to make a decision. She’s extremely professional and super fun to work with. We are so happy with our purchase and couldn’t have done it without Brandi!” – Gabe and Bella K.

“As first-time homebuyers, we really appreciated how Brandi walked us through the process – from applying for financing to what to look for in a house to the actual purchase. She’s knowledgeable about Austin neighborhoods and good at spotting details that will come up during inspection. She’s also a bulldog of a negotiator. We love our home, and Brandi has continued to be a resource to us even after the purchase. We cannot recommend Brandi highly enough.” –Stephanie and Michael N.

“As a first time homebuyer, the entire experience was unfamiliar and intimidating. There were so many questions I had that were immediately answered with a casual professionalism that left me feeling completely at ease and informed. The expert help and endless patience I received from Brandi Weber will definitely have me coming back for my next home buying experience.” –Courtney F.

“We are back in Singapore now. I just wanting to tell you that the overall experience of working with you and Brandi was excellent and my expectations were exceeded. My family is very happy with the new house and I want to thank you and Brandi for executing flawlessly under my tight time constraints.
You are very lucky to have Brandi on your team ! I can’t say enough good things about her.” – Eric

“Brandi Weber at Turner Residential is phenomenal. She’s knowledgeable, VERY patient, and doesn’t make you feel pressured to buy a house so she can move on to the next client – she makes you feel like you’re her only client. She really goes the extra mile – and she’s really fun to hang out with!! I will recommend her to anyone and everyone I know looking to buy a home.” –Ashley K.

“Brandi is the ideal realtor for many reasons. Throughout the home-buying process, she was able to answer our many questions quickly and thoroughly, and was always quick to return our calls. She made sure that we were well informed about the entire process, while not being patronizing. Brandi never wasted our time, as she was early to every appointment, making sure that each house was open and ready for us to see. Furthermore, she was very flexible in her schedule. Brandi understood our wants and needs, and was able to help us find the perfect house within our budget. Most importantly, she is a hard worker, and we really felt like she was always there for us. In essence, Brandi made us feel relaxed about the home-buying process and made it a fun, successful experience.” –Lee Baker and Heather Strout

“Brandi Weber was the first Realtor I’d ever used that I felt I could relate to. She took the time to understand what we were looking for, and then worked her butt off to help us find it. I could not have been more pleased with the service I received from Brandi Weber.” –Mark Barr

“We love Brandi. She is diligent and persevering and stuck with it through a prolonged negotiation with a difficult seller. We’re looking for another property, and we’re sticking with Brandi.” -Art Gould

“Talk about a realtor who’s in it for the long haul…Brandi never lost her enthusiasm during all of our house searching. Four months and 3 offers later, we finally had the house we wanted, but if it hadn’t been for Brandi’s encouragement, we may have given up. With Brandi as your realtor, you’ll feel confident that you have someone by your side who is knowledgeable, straight-talking, and fun to be around!” –Caroline Porter & Nathan Wyman

“As a self-titled Type A professional worrier, I felt extremely nervous as I entered into the home-buying process for the first time. Working with Brandi helped to alleviate many of the concerns I had, which ranged from figuring out what I wanted in a home to understanding the financial aspects to wading through the contract process. One of the aspects of our working relationship that I value the most stems from Brandi’s desire to make sure I felt completely informed and comfortable with the decisions that I needed to make. She answered all of my questions (even when I asked more than once!), and explained parts of the process that I didn’t quite get. Furthermore, as a friendly, dependable, and sincere person, Brandi made me feel comfortable in all of our interactions. Plus, she knows all about south and east Austin, and can give you great bar and restaurant recommendations! The home-buying process initially seemed stressful, but with Brandi it actually became enjoyable and informative. I always recommend Brandi to all of my friends and co-workers when they ask about buying a house.” –Erin Hurt

“Being a first time homebuyer, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But Brandi made this process easy. Thanks to Brandi for: being a good listener about what I did and did not want in a house, answering all my questions, always being flexible and available, and giving me excellent advice throughout the whole process. I’m so happy with my house. Brandi made this a great experience!” –Emily Hurt

“As first time home sellers, we dearly appreciated your efforts on our behalf. Your professionalism, enthusiasm, quick responses and overall diligence repeatedly assured us that our interests were of primary importance to you. A thousand thank you’s for a successful, efficient and, dare we say, fun.” –G. Collins & J. Trinitopoli