Get Recent Home Prices In Any Neighborhood

Curious about what homes are selling for in the neighborhoods you like?  Our market snapshot report provides something usually reserved for real estate agents – actual sales prices around any listing.  Automatically generated around an address or zip code, it updates itself regularly with the most current listings and home sales in the area.  Even better, it shows the details of surrounding businesses, amenities and schools on an interactive map.  All an an easy to use and totally free package.

Home Sales Report by Zip Code

Simply select “Buyer” below and enter a zip code.  We suggest 78704, 78757, or south Austin’s hottest, 78745.

Home Sales Around Any Listing

If you’ve found already found a home you like using our map based home search, select “Owner” on the form below.  Then enter the address for a report centered on your listing.

Use it as many times as you’d like, for as many homes or neighborhoods as you want.  The more information you have about where you want to live, the better.  After you get your report, Turner Residential’s “no hassle” policy means we’ll check to see if you have everything you need without subjecting you to a tidal wave of marketing.